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For several years Helen worked as a Holistic Therapist working with learning disability clients, visiting many residential homes and care centres, giving treatments on a mobile basis.  During this time Helen dreamed of opening a Holistic Centre where WELLBEING was the focus. 

Now this dream has been realised in The Acorn Wellbeing Centre! Having reached the third year in business it has grown very fast. This year at the centre it has been a very busy year so far with the business winning the Dacorum Den award 2015.

Not only is Helen the Manager of the Centre, she leads the Counselling team.  She has completed her post graduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotheraputic Counselling and has worked in the field of substance misuse, domestic violence and bereavement and is keen on continued development so believes in more training for all of the team. Helen offers couples counselling too and works in a very creative way with all her clients.

Helen runs several support groups including Sexual assault and Rape, bereavement and loss, women’s groups and is currently developing more groups at present.

Part of Helens work is to oversee the individual, group and peer supervision that counsellors have to have to work ethically.

Currently Helen volunteers at the Hospice of St Francis where she helps run group work and one to one counselling there. Helen has a contract with ITV and also has worked with Virgin airlines on the fear of flying courses. Helen also has a contract with ITV supportive people affected by what they may see on television programs such as documentaries about sexual abuse.

Helens passion is to help people in a holistic way, the dream to be one of the leading Mind Body and Spiritual Centres in the area . 

Helen and her team aim to make your wellbeing experience at The Acorn Wellbeing Centre a memorable one so that you will keep returning. 

At the Centre we believe that health and wellbeing are crucial components of a happy and healthy life. We believe in treating you as a whole person through Complementary Therapies, Counselling and teaching.