Aromatherapy is a treatment designed to help maintain physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, it can help in many ways by the correct application of pure essential oils in a massage to help with symptoms like pain.

The word 'aroma' means a fragrance or smell and the word therapy simply means a treatment designed to bring about a positive change in an individual.

An aromatherapy treatment is firstly to help with creating balance and equilibrium within a person, its primary uses are to calm, uplift, detoxify, de-stress and invigorate. It can help the body to help itself to regain health or wellbeing. We are specialists in Aromatherapy in terms of its clinical uses. Our aim is to source good quality oils to address certain conditions like cancer, fibromyalgia and other conditions. 

We've been sourcing and supplying pure essential oils to therapists and the public since we opened the centre. We stock high quality Aromatherapy sundries alongside our essential oils. We are well-respected by our suppliers for our ongoing research and how we teach on this subject.

If you're searching for individual oils, or other natural ingredients we can supply small or large quantities. If you're searching for ready to use oils and carrier oils we have those options too, we have a wide range of choice at great prices.

We will be also stocking a range of our own brand creams, gels, massage oils, and much more. We even make our own candles and household cleaners.

We can advise you to join one of our workshops on how you can use essential oils.

Please remember to use your oils wisely, most oils cannot be placed on the skin directly and can burn if not used correctly. Oils are not suitable for use in pregnancy unless used by a qualified Aromatherapy practitioner. We are happy to help you decide on oils best for you.

We carry out various treatments using aromatherapy from facials to full body massages, the use of aromatherapy for the home and also medical conditions.