Biodynamic Therapy 

Biodynamic Massage

Biodynamic Massage was founded in 1968 in Norway by Gerda Boysen – a Physiotherapist, Psychologist and Analyst. Boysen was fascinated by how emotional trauma was manifesting into emotional and physical symptoms in the body, and so developed various techniques to help alleviate these symptoms.  

Biodynamic Massage works in partnership with your autonomic nervous system (ANS), the nervous system which controls fight or flight reactions. The ANS only responds to sensory information. For example someone who is having a panic attack may know rationally they are not in any danger, however if they feel unsafe then it will react accordingly. The massage is designed to help rebalance the ANS and help your body complete the necessary emotional cycles to move forward. Clients are able to wear soft clothing during the massage as no oil is used.

Biodynamic Massage is suitable for clients who wish to alleviate symptoms such as anxiety, depression, a disconnection with feelings, and for people who feel emotionally overwhelmed. 

An initial consultation is needed to discuss suitability, if suitable 6 sessions is recommended initially.