Domestic abuse

Domestic abuse will be experienced by 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men in a lifetime and it is a criminal offence.  Anyone can experience domestic abuse regardless of age, race, gender, lifestyle, sexuality.

The main sign of an abusive relationship is if you are afraid of your partner.  If you fear the outcome of what you say or do then it is an unhealthy relationship.  It rarely involves a ‘one-off’ incident’, and there is a pattern involved.

Recognising Domestic Abuse:



Physical Attacks

Financial Control

Emotional Abuse

 If you are in an abusive relationship or if you have experienced abuse in the past, you can lose a sense of who you are.  You may feel anxious, depressed, isolated and be on hyper alert, with your body on fight or flight mode.

What you can do is – recognise it is happening, accept you are not to blame and get help and support.

Our counselling Team can also help with any issues around abusive situations.

Hertfordshire Domestic abuse helpline 09088 088 088

Written by Sue OSullivan (counsellor)