Counselling and Trauma

Carol Spring from PODS training says:

The Body Remembers (Somatisation and Dissociation)

Our body remembers. It always remembers, and it doesn't lie. Sometimes our mind looks on and we're at war - always at war sometimes it seems - our body reacting like it can remember what our mind cannot. It pulls away, it arches, it hurts, it screams, it recoils, it goes limp, it aches with tiredness, it refuses to settle, refuses to sleep. It's confusing. Sometimes, our mind can't remember anything. Why is our body reacting? we think. Because our body hasn't forgotten. It's learnt to react and it just keeps on reacting. We've trained our mind not to react, to look away, to pretend we weren't there, to pretend we don't know. But our body doesn't lie.

By Carolyn Spring

We believe that the possibility of releasing and calming the body before we unravel what trauma has happened we can calm the sympathetic nervous system with Reiki, Massage and Aromatherapy. 

Acorn Wellbeing is a specialist centre in Hemel Hemsptead, a discrete location away from the public gaze. We provide talking therapies with counselling,  support groups and complementary therapies for example. Massage, Reiki, aromatherapy etc.  The counsellors are geared to help clients to deal with specific problems. We can deliver training too in an in an informal therapeutic environment that is safe and secure.

Clients can interact with others in our very peaceful setting.  Our approach is to create a homely atmosphere to help clients feel safe and nurtured.

We also provide a wide range of complementary therapies for clients whose traumatic experiences in their younger year’s means that they have a difficult relationship with their bodies.  Some clients have poor body dysmorphia (image) some have problems with intimacy in relationships and touch is proven difficult, and some also have physical problems as a result of their abuse for example ME.  The bodywork therapies at Acorn Wellbeing are therefore set to help clients to feel more comfortable in their own skin and to help them build a more positive relationship with their bodies and in future relationships.

Some of the long-term effects of any sexual abuse, sexual violence and rape can include many emotional, psychological and physical conditions like IBS (irritable bowel Syndrome) The experience of sexual assault or abuse at any age and whether male or female can have devastating effects on every aspect of a person’s life. We look at the mind, the body, the spirit which leads to differentbehaviours, thoughts and feelings about self.