Homeopathy and Aromatherapy helping children and adults

Jane is our Homeopath and has given some interesting information:

research uk site sate some of the research they quote is inaccurate as usual or one sided - this is often the case with homeopathic research reporting unfortunately -

-  there are plenty of trials with positive evidence just that often when people pull trials together to analyse a few together  / meta analysis or systematic reviews/  they only select certain trials ........ 

having said that this page also covers homeopathy for side effects of cancer treatment and immunity support as well - and that is where as a homeopath you would aim treatment

children who are unwell

Sambucol for Kidsis specially developed for use by kids ages 2-10. Sambucol was developed by a world renowned scientist who recognised the potential of the antioxidants present in the Black Elderberry. The unique preparation method for the standardized Black Elderberry Extract used in Sambucol preserves and maximises the naturally occurring health benefits of the berry.

Sambucol for Kids is free from dairy, nuts, eggs, grains, gluten
Usage GuideRecommended daily dose: 1 – 6 years: 5 ml (1 teaspoon). 7 - 12 years: 10 ml (2 teaspoons)

For winter usage: 1-6 years: 5ml-10ml (1-2 teaspoons) twice daily 7-12 years: 10ml-15ml (2-3 teaspoons daily) twice daily

Ingredients (0.93 g black elderberry extract per 5 ml): Glucose syrup, purified water elderberry extract raspberry extract citric acid fruit flavourings vitamin C preservative: sodium benzoate

Aromatherapy help for the spring and summer

You can use your essential oils in several ways to help ease the symptoms of spring allergies. Many people find that simply inhaling an essential oil is one of the most effective and easiest ways to relieve allergy symptoms. Inhalation is one of the quickest routes for an aroma to reach and stimulate the relevant area in the brain, whilst at the same... time the inhaled aroma molecules enter your bloodstream as your lungs work to oxygenate your blood.

You can use this method by adding your chosen essential oils to an aromatherapy diffuser, or by placing a couple of drops of an essential oil directly onto a tissue. This is often the best way to get relief from the effects of pollen when you are outdoors or away from home, as the essential oils will work to soothe and clear the respiratory passageways.