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You are born with an intelligence.  This intelligence organizes, controls and coordinates all of your body’s different functions, from how each individual cell works to how you grow, heal and adapt to the changing demands that you place upon your body throughout your lifetime.  Your heart beats, you breathe, you walk, talk, move and do all of the amazing things that you do all without any real conscious effort on your part thanks to this inborn, or innate, intelligence. 

Problems arise because of how we use and abuse our bodies.  The accidents that we have, the postures that we adopt, the chemicals we ingest all place stress on the body.  As we are exposed to more and more stress layers of tension build within the body, the body distorts to accommodate this tension, and the tension and these distortions interfere with how the body works.  Before we know it life isn’t as easy as it once was: a rigidity sets in and the body can’t adapt and change like it once did.  Physically you may struggle to recover from accidents,  illness and injuries, or you have to put a lot of effort into the things that you once did effortlessly.  Chemically you might develop sensitivities or allergies, you might not digest food like you used to, or your hormone balance might be disrupted.  If you’re on medication you might find you need to increase your dose, or start rotating through different combinations just to get the same effect.  Emotionally you might become stuck in how you feel – depressed, or angry, or sad – without the opportunity to enjoy life’s ups and downs.  

Most patients start chiropractic care at this point in their life.  They talk about how their body isn’t working properly, how it doesn’t do what it used to do, how it’s not healing itself and how this affects how they work, play and experience life.  Essentially they’re describing what wechiropractors refer to as a subluxation: interference to the expression of the intelligence that runs the body; interference to their potential to be as healthy as they could be; interference to their potential to be all that they can be.  

What I do as a chiropractor is examine how their body works, identify where the stress is stored and how the body has distorted as a result.  Usually I address the distortions by making a very light contact: like pressing the reset button on a computer I’ll make contact for a brief period of time and then I’ll get out of the way to allow their body to change.  Some notice a change in their breathing; some stretch out as the body releases the tension that it’s been holding on to; some might experience different sensations, thoughts and emotions and mayremember the experiences that caused stress initially.  Typically people find they feel more   relaxed and just melt onto the table.  Subsequent appointments address more and more layers of tension, releasing more and more interference and enabling a person to return to a state where their body can adapt, heal and change as it was born to do.

Coin Rance is our associate Chiropractor.