Natural Oriental Face Massage  

We all feel the pressure to stay looking better and younger. We now have the tool – the surprisingly effective and non-invasive holistic technique – which like a magic wand will not only help you look younger but will also work on both physical and emotional levels. This unique facial massage offers a myriad of benefits and may also help reduce and delay the visible signs of ageing and prevent further damage. It combines ancient knowledge from Ayurvedic and Chinese healing systems with modern approach. No products or equipment are used during the treatment making it acceptable to those suffering from allergies to commercial products. 

Oriental Facial Massage (often called ‘rejuvenating facial massage’) is rapidly growing in popularity our therapist will leave you feeling revitalized.

Although ageing is a natural process, this amazing treatment incorporates a unique blend of highly effective massage techniques designed to delay the visible signs of ageing and prevent further damage in the future by means of simple, natural and effective massage techniques and energy balancing. A truly relaxing and effective facial for men and women.