About Us

At the centre Helen Lehrle and her Associates provide a clinical Counselling and Psychology service, the team work in a holistic way with you at the centre of our work.  Alongside runs the Complementary Therapies which consists of clinical practitioners who offer a range of treatments and clinics.

For several years Helen worked as a Holistic Therapist working with learning disability clients, visiting many residential homes and care centres, giving treatments on a mobile basis.  During this time Helen dreamed of opening a Holistic Centre where WELLBEING was the focus. 

Now this dream has been realised in The Acorn Wellbeing Centre! Having reached the seventh year in business it has grown very fast. In 2015 the centre won the Dacorum Dens award.. In 2019 we moved into new premises in Kings Langley. We also carry out outreach work which includes working in schools and colleges. 

Helen the Manager of the Centre, she leads the Counselling team.  Helen has worked in the field of substance misuse, domestic violence and bereavement and is keen on continued development so believes in more training for all of the team. Helen offers CBT, couples counselling and family therapy, Helen works with young people and adults too and works in a very creative way with all her clients.

Part of Helens work is to oversee the individual, group and peer supervision that counsellors have to have to work ethically. Helen supervises outside of the centre too for many other professions. Helen also sees the smooth running of the centre and the therapy side of things which now includes Podiatry.

Helen is a director of the charity Way In. Way-In is a low cost and confidential counselling service that was based in Chesham but now based in the Kings Langley centre. The charity is for young people aged between 11 and 25 years who live in the Chiltern and South Bucks area. We are extending this to cover Dacorum and Three Rivers areas.

Currently Helen volunteers at the Hospice of St Francis  and also Cruse Bereavement Care where she supervises counsellors and bereavement support volunteers. Helen has a contract with ITV and also has worked with Virgin airlines on the fear of flying courses. Helen also has a contract with ITV supportive people affected by what they may see on television programs such as documentaries about sexual abuse.

Recently Helen helped London Fire Brigade Counselling service asses 500 firefighters after the recent incident in London.

Helens passion is to help people in a holistic way, the dream to be one of the leading Mind Body and Spiritual Centres in the area . Having started Hemel Hempstead’s first private counselling agency it has become one of the leading centres in the area.

Helen and her team aim to make your wellbeing experience at The Acorn Wellbeing Centre a memorable one. 

At the Centre we believe that health and wellbeing are crucial components of a happy and healthy life. We believe in treating you as a whole person through Complementary Therapies, Counselling and teaching.

The Team

The team has grown so much over the last few years, we have 9 counsellors on our books all have their own expertise. We have a large network of practitioners so if we cant help you we can signpost you to further support. The counsellors come into the centre to offer therapy and we also signpost you to other agencies in the area.

As we are working with young children, young adults and couples, our aim is to help as many as we can, so our new low cost service addresses the issues of budgeting for therapy.   

We have on board a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Neuropsychologist who specialises in neurological issues including head injury patients. She is a yoga teacher who works with PTSD patients.

The team continues to grow and network with other agencies in the area.