Counselling & Support

Counselling and Psychotherapy Service

Counselling can really help people when they are having a difficult time, and need some support. It offers a confidential and safe space without judgement, with someone that will attentively listen and be there for you. It gives you the chance to take care of yourself and work openly through what you are feeling. It also enables you to look at what is really going on for you and can help to make sense of where they are. It can also help to challenge and change unhelpful patterns and behaviours, while enabling you to gain a deeper sense of who you are and from more intimate and fulfilling relationships.

We work with many different issues using a wide range of modalities, some therapists work in a CBT way (cognitive behaviour therapy) we are happy to disuses which is appropriate for you.  Fees for CBT vary from £50 to £90 per session, our students can offer lower fees.

Making the decision to start counselling is both daunting and frightening. People often feel nervous and don’t know what to expect. To give you an idea, we would book an assessment as an initial chance for us to meet and talk. This would last an hour, and it is an opportunity to ask questions and to get to know you more. You can also ask about anything that you are unsure about. If you feel comfortable and are happy to go ahead, then we would book you in for weekly therapy. Each week would be different depending on where you are at, and what you are coming for. We can discuss all of your needs in the assessment and put a treatment plan in place. We have a great team and we are here to help.

We can also offer low cost counselling in some cases for people on low incomes, please ask about our concessions.

We can offer students a lower rate, however this is with our more senior counsellors, only a few counsellors can offer this service at the centre.

So if you think we can help please contact us, if your in need of some help don't wait till it has become an even bigger issue.

We have now joined supporting the Heads Together campaign being led by Prince Harry and Prince William.

Terms and Conditions of booking and cancellations.

24 hours notice is required to cancel appointments with our counsellors. A full charge will be invoiced if the correct notice is not adhered to. We accept payment through bank transfer so please talk to your individual therapist for the correct bank details. You maybe asked to pay for one session in advance as a deposit by us, this is taken off at the last session or refunded if notice is given to end therapy.

We thank you for your understanding.